Creative Developer

Hi, my name is Jimi Bailey. I'm a Software Developer, but more often referred to as a Creative Developer. You've most likely arrived on this page through a link from one of the projects I've worked on. I do work freelance but the majority of my public work is known by 'MeYouAndUs', a creative partnership with Alastair Eilbeck. You can read details of that work on the MeYouAndUs website.

What can I do?

I really consider myself as a Multimedia Developer. My background is quite mixed so I can now develop in languages such as C++, Actionscript and Javascript, but I can also create video and graphical elements using AfterEffects, Cinema4d and Cheetah3d. I have commercial experience of all of these things, I'm not just a hobbyist. I can learn new things relatively quickly so I can do a little more than those I've already listed, but I don't promote myself as an expert unless I've really got to know something well.

What am I doing now?


I'm currently developing TILO which is a Hybrid Display System. I'm working on it in collaboration with FACT, Amaze Ltd and Pixel Inspiration.

The brief for TILO is quite broad and requires the use of a number of technologies. As lead developer I'm currently researching and using:

  • NodeJS - Online data services
  • Scala - Digital Signage Platform
  • C++ - Creating Rich Interactive Content
  • HTML + Javascript - Mobile Web Apps
  • Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone - Creating Remote Sensors and Actuators

The internet is now a very powerful tool. Even for simple web apps I'm now looking at leveraging:

  • Social Network APIs - sharing content and streamlining sign in forms
  • AWS S3 - uploading and sharing large media files
  • Mobile Phone App APIs - more apps are sharing information (e.g. 'Move' for iOS and Android, pull information about users activity)
  • SMS and Voice APIs - send and receive text messages (e.g. respond to queries or notify members) or provide an intelligent automated telephone system
  • Connected Devices - use services like to share information between connected sensors and devices

Doing any of these from scratch would be a huge drain on my time, a resource I can't afford to squander. Instead these platforms and services provide an easy jump off point meaning I get to do more interesting creative work sooner. On going, the Third Party maintains and manages their service requiring only occasional input from myself, automatically scaling as my demands on the service grow.

What's my background?


I started out about 15 years ago building websites with HTML and Flash. Flash was my favourite as you could be quite creative. I was lucky to get a job in the industry and for the next 4 years I worked for a couple of Digital Agencies for clients including:

  • Lexus
  • Toyota
  • Manchester Airport
  • British Gas

During that time home broadband became more widespread and as a result demands for Flash increased as people came to expect more interactive experiences online. I got to specialise in Actionscript and Flash developing web assets, games and offline touch screen kiosk.

Video and 3D:

After a while I was itching for a change, the pace at which I was learning new things had slowed. I was offered the opportunity to join a relatively new company doing interesting work with Digital Signage. They wanted me to learn to develop for Digital Signage which was new to me and presented an interesting challenge. At the same time there was a demand for multimedia skills such as Aftereffects and Cinema4d. Over 2 years I really got to work on those skills and had an amazing time.

NodeJs and C++:

I wanted to work on my own projects and took the step of going freelance. In charge of my own time schedule I could learn anything that took my interest. Through projects with MeYouAndUs I was presented problems and challenges that required faster code and network connections. I took the plunge and started learning C++ and NodeJS. It wasn't an immediate switch but my knowledge steadily grew.